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i love you.

a lot.


AND just so you know most people have made fun of me in the past when I have said similar things... (including Justin- until I was ready to go camping in five minutes.) Maybe it's because I never said it so elegantly.

You know me... I live for the last minute. Finding that hole in the wall restaurant on the way home. Squeezing in a hike or climb up the canyon. Throw a party for a friend who drops by. A month long road trip. Even a driving to Southern UT on a whim... but these all mean I keep water bottles, an extra jacket, my climbing gear, a flashlight etc. in my car at all times. My house stocked with paper plates and a full pantry. And my gear/clothes are organized for a quick grab.

Peeps make fun, but it's because I'm crazy strict in my organization I can find anything, leave in ten minutes, I can clean my house like a certain speedy mouse and throw a party last minute. (At least I use to have these abilities... Evie isn't as easy to prep. And you have TWO- I'm still amazing how much you do.)

Now my only(HA!) problem is that I try to fit to much in one day... Could you think about this and get back to me? (I mean if you keep posting your inner thoughts I think we have a best selling self-help book on our hands.)


Gee, that's deep.

I just take my Christmas stuff down around new year's because as a serial slothful slob, I know that people will not think that I am making warm-hearted baby Jesus political statement in February, they will only assume I am acting in character as self-same slob.

Also, I really like the way my surfaces look all clean and spare, and un-decked. I call it my New Year's decoration, and it smells like windex and orange flavored wood polish.

I feel like spontaneity is beyond my grasp at this point. I'm just aiming for keeping my head above water, and trying to smile, whilst not developing high blood pressure. It will all slow down eventually, and then I'll probly be sad and bored.

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