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Firstly, Hurrah!
Secondly, it really wasn't a dare or a challenge. Simply me wanting to see what your reaction was. I think you dared yourself more that anything.
Thirdly, I never once called you old, decrepit, elderly, aged or geezerly. I think my exact words were "Hey, we're both young and spry and could kick the butt of anyone running this sad excuse for a race. That's how fast ang young and fierce we are."
Fourthly, I don't worry about what I look like from behind because the only people to see me from behind last time were the EMTs riding in the ambulance who followed up the last of the runners. {The last runner being me.}
Fifthly, are you sure it's an inch and a half? I'm pretty sure it's just an inch. You aint that tall.
Sixthly, Hurrah!

K Weston

Are you calling me geezerly?


WHOOOP WHOOOOP! last year I had no intention of ever progressng past a 5k & I am thinking w/2011 full of them might lead me to my first Halfie next year! BEST WISHES!

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